Frontier email is not like any other email service. It is not one of those free email services that most people access on a daily basis. The frontier email comes along with Frontier services, so it is obvious that you need to pay for one or more Frontier services in order to get Frontier email.

If you are already using Frontier email, and are looking to know if you could set up an additional email address, then the answer is ‘yes’, you can. But, there are certain steps that you need to follow in order to do so.


You will have to launch Frontier Account Editor at*

Steps to add an additional email account in your Frontier email:

1. Log into your Frontier email. It could be Frontier, Epix, FrontierNet, Newnorth, Citlink or GVNI email address along with its password.

2. Click ‘Login’ followed by selecting ‘Additional Email Addresses’.

3. You are now going to see your current email accounts and the number of accounts that you can create without paying any extra charge. It is also possible for you to add or remove email accounts.


4. Now, you will have to enter a brand new username and password. You need to keep in mind that you choose a different username than the one you are already using. Once you have chosen the username, click ‘Add Email Addresses’.

If you have subscribed to Frontier email, but are not being able to access the email lately, then this could be because you are using ‘Port 25’. If you want to know as to what Port 25 is and why Frontier email has been blocked, then read the next section.


Blocking Port 25:

Port 25 is a port or connection on your PC through which all outgoing email must pass. When Port 25 is blocked by the email service providers, then it bars spammers from sending a torrent of unauthorized junk email.


Frontier email blocks all SMTP traffic over the network that isn’t sent through Frontier outgoing mail servers ( You will only be able to do so if you have a dynamic IP address. In case you are using Frontier Business Class High-Speed Internet and using a static IP address, then your outgoing email is not going to be affected.

If these changes have affected you in some or other way, then you will have to change your outgoing mail server to You might also have to configure your email program in order to authenticate to Frontier’s outgoing mail server. For that, you will have to get in touch with Frontier email help and support providers.


Note: Some customers who are telecommuting from their residences may not be able to send emails using email systems provided by their companies. For the security of your email, it is suggested that you should establish a secure connection through an application, which could be a VPN so that you can properly utilize the outgoing mail server for your place of business.

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